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The Gift Category

1 week   0   66   Blog

The satisfaction of our Merchants is our biggest priority, that is why we at Shodrex have decided to introduce the Gift Category. In this Category, Merchants can be able to upload their products so that their customers will be able to see their products and buy them. For more information on this please kindly visit: www.Shodrex.com

Shodrex introduces Comment section

1 week   0   65   Blog

We at Shodrex is so delighted to announce to you all that we will soon be introducing the comment section,this is where all our Merchants can be able to air their views, and as well ask questions regarding to anything that has to do with our services to them and it is also a means for us to be able to serve all our Merchants more better this year.

Shodrex Wallet in a bit

1 week   0   66   Blog

We wish to announce the launch of our new product called Shodrex Wallet.

For a better and clearer understanding, here is what Shodrex Wallet entails:

It is a fintech platform that's still part of Shodrex technology services that is made to enable people to easily deposit, withdraw and as well save their money for rainy days with ROI (Return On Investment) and it will also be a platform that will help people to be earning money on a daily basis.

Happy New Year 2021

2 months   2   164   Blog

From All of us at Shodrex, we are saying Happy New Year

We wish you a happy and prosperous new year in 2021. We celebrate with you and also want to congratulate you for making it into 2021. Your first achievement this year is being alive and we are grateful to God that we are seeing the new year together, So there is hope for more greater achievements.

May this new year bring blessings and success in all you do.


Shodrex to Introduce Wallet

2 months   1   164   Blog

Shodrex Technology to introduce WALLET ( SAVE | DEPOSIT | WITHDRAW ) in 2021 to enable Merchants and Customers get swift features such as;

• Deposit large amounts

• Withdraw your funds and referral bonuses anytime.

• Pay for products & services from Deposit to any Merchant, Store, or Website powered by Shodrex.

• Save your money for rainy days and get returns.


Merry Christmas

2 months   0   162   Blog

From All of us at Shodrex, we are saying season greetings!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and are also excited to celebrate with you this 2020. We also want to congratulate you for doing so well this year, despite the effects of COVID-19 and the challenges of 2020. You have done so well holding your head high and doing well with your life and business. We are saying that you deserve great tidings this season.

May this season ...

Iran - Africa 2020

3 months   0   163   Blog

Iran-Africa 2020 was a great event meant for collaboration of Companies in Software and IOT. Shodrex Technology was an official partner for the virtual event and Rython Events (Iran) the Lead Organizer. The Founder and CEO of Shodrex (Johnbosco Nnamso) and other CEO of Iranian companies officially opened the event which was attended by more than 30 iranian companies and other African companies.

The event was meant to create an opportun...

Shodrex Introduces Shodrex Market Place.

3 months   0   159   Blog

Shodrex technology services, introduces Shodrex market place. A point where you can buy items of your choice from random vendors on shodrex's platform. It gives you the ability to compare prices of items from different vendors.
Visit: https://shodrex.com/marketplace to buy.

You can easily put your merchandise on shodrex's market place by signing up today at https://shodrex.com/ownstore

Shodrex Launches Vendors Day for Merchants and Business Owners

4 months   0   163   Blog

Shodrex a technology company that powers Merchants or business owners to own or create ecommerce store, blog or website is set to officially launch it's VENDORS DAY package for it's esteemed Merchants who are already operating their own day to day business transaction online via their platform. The Merchants who are business owners are also called Vendors, since their online business transaction are being powered by Shodrex technology and the pu...

We stand firmly with Nigerians against Police Brutality - #EndSARS #ENDPoliceBrutality -

5 months   0   164   Blog

We at Shodrex, have seen the ongoing fight against police brutality and how it affects our users and therefore we stand together with the singular objective of eradicating police brutality wherever it exists, to bring about a global society of peace, justice, and equal opportunities for All, regardless of their dressing or social status. This symbol is a sign of unity from all Youth, all Staff, all Organizations, all Nigerians and SHODREX

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #SarsMustEnd.

The Key to Creating Value in Business

5 months   0   161   Blog

The key to creating value in your business is to be of service.

Creating value is the essence of business. But sometimes we lose sight of what value really is. We turn it into an abstract concept – a kind of business-speak – and when we do, we lose that tangible sense of what it actually means to create value in business.

The truth is, value is something quite real and quite concrete. If you want to understand how to cre...

Importance of Targeting Market Groups

5 months   0   165   Blog

To Scale Your Business, You Must Embrace A Niche.

Almost every thought-leader and hotshot CEO who made it big did so by focusing on one crucial aspect of their business: they embraced their niche. Whether you’re a young upstart launching a new blog, or an ambitious entrepreneur growing an online business or startup, the more laser-focused you are on a niche, the easier it is to succeed.

Judge Graham, a Texas-based entrepr...


5 months   0   159   Blog

Here are some tips, applicable to everyone.

You should promote your business all the time and everywhere. Thus, you need a compelling sales pitch.
Research shows the average attention span of an adult is about six to eight seconds. That's all the time you have to grab someone's attention. Use it wisely.
Power phrases like: "how to" & "easy" are instant attention grabbers.


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