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The Shodrex Service portfolio is now available on Shodrex. The service portfolio will be able to list different service offerings from creators, entertainers, bloggers, public figures and businesses as well.
People will be able to view their profile cards, catalogues, contents and also access other features displayed on the website of their favourite brand, creator, entertainer and celebrity.

The new rating feature is now available on your website powered by Shodrex. This will allow all users and customers to express how they feel about a brand or entity they have engaged with lately. This will help outstanding brands and entities to attract more customers to themselves with the healthy records and customer service they have set so far.
The rating is available for all business and merchant accounts on Shodrex. Creators, Artiste, Public figures and others who fall under the service portfolio have the advantage of a profile card with their name, web name, category and rating bar displayed on it. The profile card acts as a summary of that person, brand or entity and will appear whenever they are searched for at the Shodrex marketplace which also comes with a "view profile" button where people could click and view their profile or website.

So what are you waiting for?
Do you have a skill that people need to know about? Or do you believe your skill has a high demand in the marketplace?
Here is a chance to maximise this opportunity and start appearing on search whenever people who need what you are offering are actively searching.
Simply log onto www.shodrex.com/signup to create a business/merchant account, then select any of the service categories to start generating income for you or your brand.

And if you have ever wondered where to get a graphic designer, content creator, blogger or even an entertainer. Visit the Shodrex marketplace to find one. Simply log onto www.shodrex.com/marketplace to get one today!

The Shodrex Team

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